Our Nannies LOVE Their Jobs, and We Think That’s Pretty Cool.

Why Caregivers Choose Us

At YesBabyCare, we have two clients – our families and our caregivers. Our team of experienced matchmakers gives equal consideration to the needs of our candidates as we do to the needs of our families. Why? Because we understand that the most rewarding long-term relationships require both the employer and the employee to be happy. We know your dream job is out there, and we will keep looking until we find it.

Access to Top Positions

Whether you’re looking for a consistent, low-key schedule or a fast-paced career position, we have the job for you. Because of our team’s 10 years in the industry, we are established and able to find you just the position you’re looking for. We are here to answer your questions and prep you for interviews. We are in your corner to ensure that you and your new employer start off on the right foot.

Professional Representation

You’re a professional, and you deserve to be treated as one! At YesBabyCare, we know a top-notch caregiver is priceless and deserves to be compensated accordingly. That’s why making sure our candidates are treated with the utmost professionalism and respect is a value we strictly adhere to at YesBabyCare. We work with families to ensure the rate they are offering for the position is in line with the schedule, responsibilities, and caliber of the candidate they are seeking.

No Cost To You

Our services are 100% cost free to our candidates. Unlike other agencies, YesBabyCare gives you access to exclusive positions with NO deposits, fees, or percentages taken out of your paycheck. We provide professional advocacy at no cost to you because we’ve been in your shoes. So what do we get out of the deal? In return for representing you, all we expect is for you to uphold the YesBabyCare legacy through your professionalism and positive attitude.

What Our Nannies are Saying

Where do I begin. Kady the owner is the sweetest person you’d want to meet. She listened to everything I wanted in a job/family to work with and helped me find the best fit. This agency is one to work with when looking for a family that you would want to join. Not only is she the best in the beginning stages but also is there one hired, supporting you and guiding you in the world of nannies.

Ashley O., New York City