At YesBabyCare, LLC (“YBC”, “we”, or “us”), we strive to source superior childcare providers for your family. Each nanny that we introduce to you will have represented and warranted to us that such nanny:

  1. Has current CPR and First Aid certifications from the American Red Cross (or a certifying organization with CPR certification standards substantially similar to the American Red Cross);
  2. Has at least two (2) years of professional, paid experience as a childcare provider: (i) as a nanny, (ii) in a child care center, or (iii) in a public or private school;
  3. Does not smoke cigarettes, e-cigarettes, or marijuana; does not vape; and does not engage in the illegal use of drugs, as defined by the Controlled Substances Act;
  4. Has not been convicted of or entered a plea of guilty or nolo contender to a crime that constitutes a felony (or state law equivalent) or a crime that constitutes a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude, whether such plea or conviction occurs prior to, on, or after the date of this Agreement;
  5. Has the right and authorization to work legally in the United States; and
  6. In the event one or more of your children is an infant, that such nanny has infant care training and at least two (2) years of professional, paid experience providing infant care services for children of a similar age to your infant child.

We will also order a third-party criminal background check on each nanny and we will provide the results of such criminal background check to you prior to introducing you to such nanny. We also routinely call or contact the professional references provided by each nanny and provide the contact information for such professional references to you for you to contact such references.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, YBC is strictly a referral service and you are solely responsible for the selection of a nanny for your family. We do not make any representations or warranties with respect to any nanny or their ability to perform childcare services. We do not routinely observe the performance of childcare services of the nannies we work with and we do not provide childcare training to such nannies. If you choose to work with a nanny that we introduce to you, you shall do so solely based on the information provided to you by such nanny and your independent investigation of such nanny.