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Nanny Services

What Types of Nanny Services do you Provide?2022-01-26T00:23:56-05:00

YesBabyCare offers full-time Nannies, part-time Nannies, Temporary Nannies, Nanny share , On-call Babysitters, Childcare for special occasions throughout the New York City metro area. Our nannies work a minimum of 20 hours per week.

Where do your Nannies come from and How do you find them?2020-01-03T17:07:55-05:00

Many of our nannies have worked with us before and come by way of referral. They live in the New York or New Jersey areas and our nannies will live within reasonable distance of you. They come from a diverse variety of backgrounds and are all legally authorized to work in the U.S. and speak good English.

What Types of Nanny Screenings do you Perform?2020-01-03T17:08:32-05:00

We perform a variety of nanny screenings including review of experience and education, background checks including criminal and driving checks and reference interviews. We screen many nannies, however only a small percentage are selected for recommendation to our client families.

How Much do Nannies Charge, What are the Average Nanny Salaries and Going Rates?2022-01-24T09:10:49-05:00

Many factors will go into determining a nanny’s salary including hours, duties, experience, location, requirements and previous salary history. Rates generally range $20-40 per hour.

What are the Agency Fees?2022-09-24T01:14:50-04:00

We have a selective screening process. There is a Registration Fee of $500.00* needed to begin the search for your childcare provider.

This fee is non-refundable, but will be applied to the final placement fee after you have chosen a successful candidate.

We look forward to working with you and guiding you through the hiring process.This includes full background check disclosure and a free replacement guarantee should things not work out.

  • Agency Fee : Contact us to find out the current placement fee

Remember that the Fees are for the agency. The domestic employer/client is responsible to pay the domestic employee their salary separate from the agency.

What if things don’t work out with the Nanny we hire?2020-01-03T17:11:08-05:00

We have a great success rate for long-term placement but in rare cases, the nanny may not work out as you had hoped. We are happy to help our client families find a replacement nanny free of charge.

Do we Need to Pay Nanny Taxes? Do you pay the Nanny or does the family?2020-01-03T17:11:42-05:00

As a professional referral service, we are not employers of the nanny and do not offer legal advice with regards to how to pay your nanny. That is a matter to be discussed between the family and their nanny. For nanny pay and taxes information, please contact our partner GTM Nanny & Household Payroll Services. Most nannies are concerned with what their net (take-home) pay will be so it is a good idea to determine what the nanny will take home each week so there will be no surprises.

Do we need to Provide Food and Transportation for our Nanny?2021-07-20T09:36:54-04:00

For live-out nannies, families typically will not need to provide food or transportation to get to work. If a family requires transportation/driving of the nanny during the work day, the family will usually provide transportation or expense reimbursement (gas, toll, mileage, public transportation, etc.)

How long does the process take of Finding a Nanny?2020-01-03T17:12:58-05:00

Each family is very different and the time-frame will depend a lot on your needs and availability. The average search takes anywhere from two-six weeks and we try to accommodate emergency requests as quickly as possible.

How many Nannies will I be able to meet?2020-01-03T17:04:53-05:00

There is no way to put an exact number on how many nannies you will meet. Some families are happy hiring the first nanny we recommend, while others may meet several nannies before making a decision. Interest and fit may vary. We will always recommend the most viable prospects for your family.

What does a Nanny Search Process entail?2020-01-03T17:04:28-05:00
  1. First we understand the needs of your family. Family completes a family registration form.
  2. If we believe we can help, family will complete our referral agreement.
  3. We will begin selecting candidates that may be a match and going over your needs with the nanny.
  4. We will recommend the most suitable candidates and provide copies of their profile/resume.
  5. We will arrange face-to-face interviews at the family’s home.
  6. If the family would like to offer the job to a nanny, they will complete a simple job offer we will provide.
  7. Background checks are provided to the family and are included in the placement.
  8. YesBabyCare is available for continuous support and will check in to ensure a smooth transition.

Baby Nurse Services

How does the process work?2020-01-03T16:54:27-05:00

Families complete our basic family registration form online and a placement coordinator will contact you soon to review your needs and our process further. We will check availability and select a caregiver most suitable for your job based on dates, location, duration, preferences, schedule, pets, etc. We will email you the resume/profile of the baby nurse for your review. If time and availability allow, we can set up a meeting and or phone call.

What are the qualifications of the baby nurses?2021-07-20T09:37:15-04:00

We refer the same group of newborn specialists and know each caregiver we recommend. Baby nurse is a general term used usually to describe certified newborn care specialists and postpartum aides who exclusively care for newborns and provide postpartum support to new parents. They have received newborn care training as well as newborn CPR and First Aid. They have a wealth of experience and knowledge about providing care for newborns including sleep training, breastfeeding, routine and schedule development, colic, reflux, preemie care, twins and triplet care, and much more. They have helped many families and have excellent newborn care references.

How long should we hire a baby nurse and are there any minimum requirements?2022-04-10T21:45:29-04:00

Some families hire a baby nurse for 3 months and others for up to 6 months or more. It ultimately will depend upon your family needs and budget but 90% of our clients extend care services beyond original requested time. We find that 2-3 months is a good minimum to receive the most benefit from hiring a baby nurse. YesbabyCare requires 4 weeks minimum. It is helpful to understand how long you may want a baby nurse since selection is highly based on job duration for advance scheduling purposes.

How far in advance should we reserve a baby nurse for our newborn?2020-01-03T18:18:49-05:00

As far in advance as possible! Although we can accommodate last minute requests, the caregiver may only be available for a short while before starting with another family previously reserved. We can select the most suitable person for your family with advance scheduling.

What are the Baby Nurse rates ?2022-11-28T23:34:55-05:00

We offer flexible schedules and competitive rates in order to help as many families as possible, while still being able to retain the best baby nurses. After years of service, we have found our current rates to offer the most affordable opportunity to hire the most qualified care. Our New York  & New Jersey  ( jersey City ) baby nurses come highly recommended and are worth every penny!

All Inclusive Rates for Singles is $22-$40 per hour; rates increase for twin and triplet care by $5-10 per hour.

(Baby Nurses are paid directly at the end of each week)

Agency Fee : Contact us to find out the current placement fee

1-3 month engagement (one time fee)

What is a Baby Nurse?2019-12-01T17:19:36-05:00

A Baby Nurse is a newborn specialist, now more commonly referred to as a newborn care specialist, unless she has completed some type of nurse training,​ such as RN or LPN.

What does a Baby Nurse do?2019-12-01T17:20:56-05:00

A Baby Nurse will come into your home and provide complete care of your newborn, allowing you to get the rest, and peace of mind you need. A Baby Nurse takes care of your baby’s needs, and keeps a log, so that you have a record of all activity.

Does “baby nurse” mean they have an actual nursing license or degree in nursing?2019-12-17T14:14:52-05:00

No. Baby nurse is a term meaning infant or newborn care specialist.

YesBabyCare will provide you with an experienced and trusted Newborn Care Specialist to assist you with day-to-day activities when you bring home your new baby.

Do I need to pay taxes on my baby nurse?2019-12-17T14:16:54-05:00

A baby nurse is considered an independent contractor. Based on your own state’s rules she may be required to receive a 1099 or a SS-A. For a free phone consultation please contact MyHomePay.com. They specialize in nanny/baby nurse tax laws and payroll services and will answer any questions you have regarding taxes.

What accommodations are required for the baby nurse?2022-11-28T23:17:12-05:00

For 12 hour Night Time shifts you can request the baby nurse to stay in the baby’s room or you can choose to provide the baby nurse with a separate living space with a baby monitor where she can read, work on the computer, or watch TV after her other duties are finished and the baby is sleeping. Please provide a comfortable couch for the baby nurse .

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